The Royal Legacy Experience

Razah Adé & SHA (Stay High, Always) are The Royal Legacy Experience.

SHA & Razah Adé

SHA & Razah Adé

SHA (Stay High, Always)

SHA is an emcee and vocalist who has previously recorded through out the ‘00s under the name Sha-Mecca. For philosophical reasons she recently dropped the Mecca from her name and now goes by the acronym for Stay High, Always. 

As an emcee SHA brings a very down to earth approach to the socially aware content that she promotes. Aside from the occasional battle rap she mostly waxes poetic on the realities of life, government policies, and social ills such as racism and poverty. She hopes to bring balance to a genre that is most known these days for it’s party and club themes. She was a solo artist for years until she teamed up with her younger brother Razah Adé, who was just beginning to come into his own as a producer and artist, in 2009.  They formed the group The Royal Legacy Experience and have been making music together ever since.

Razah Adé

Razah Adé is an emcee, vocalist and producer. Razah was always into music and started writing rhymes early in his life much like his older sister, SHA. His subject matter is basically the same as SHA’s but he brings a very raw matter of fact-ness to his rhyme style that is very refreshing and unique.

Razah Adé began producing at 14 years old when his sister gave him a copy of Fruity Loops. He toiled with the program until he mastered it and continues to craft masterpieces using it (along with other studio equipment). His production style is an updated boom bap that draws heavily from soulful music of the past. He is not afraid to put a Hip Hop slant on any sample he gets his hands on no matter the genre nor does he shy away from creating from scratch. One day while they were vibing over each other’s music, Razah sold his sister SHA on a vision of creating a group that brings a complete musical experience to the audience in a time where live performances are lacking. Thus The Royal Legacy Experience was born.