The Royal Legacy Experience

Razah Adé & SHA (Stay High, Always) are The Royal Legacy Experience.


Razah Adé

Razah Adé is an emcee, vocalist and producer. He started writing rhymes early in life, following in the footsteps of his older sister SHA. 

Razah Adé began producing at 14 years old when his SHA gave him a copy of Fruity Loops. He toiled with the program for a long time until he finally mastered it. He continues to craft masterpieces using it along side any other production equipment he can get his hands on. His production style is an updated boom bap that draws heavily from soulful music of the past. Lending the perfect landscape for him and his sister's rhymes.  

One day while they were vibing over each other’s music, Razah sold his SHA on a vision of creating a group that brings a complete musical experience to the audience in a time where live performances are lacking. Thus The Royal Legacy Experience was born.