The Royal Legacy Experience

Razah Adé & SHA (Stay High, Always) are The Royal Legacy Experience.



SHA (which is an acronym for Stay High Always) is an emcee and vocalist who has previously recorded and performed through out the ‘00s under the name Sha-Mecca. For philosophical reasons she eventually dropped the Mecca. 

As an emcee SHA brings a very down to earth approach to the socially aware content that she promotes. Aside from the occasional battle rap she mostly waxes poetic on her spiritual self as well as social ills such as racism and poverty. Her wordplay and tight rhythmic style of emceeing is a crowd favorite where ever she goes. 

 She was a solo artist for years until she teamed up with her younger brother Razah Adé, who was just beginning to come into his own as a producer and artist, in 2009.  They formed the group The Royal Legacy Experience and have been making music together ever since.